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Visitor Information

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. By visiting Mission Concepcion Sports Park, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

Welcome to Mission Concepcion Sports Park

714 E. Theo Ave.

San Antonio, Texas 78210





First things first . . . parking . . . or lack thereof. Please plan to arrive early, carpool when possible, and be prepared to walk a short distance from your vehicle to the venue. There is a minimal charge to park on weekends and during special events, typically $5 for the day. Mission Concepcion Sports Park often hosts multiple events at the same time, again parking is limited. Be forewarned DO NOT park in fire lanes or where no parkingsigns are posted, local law enforcement will issue parking citations. You may drop off your players at the front entrance in the circle drive. VIA Metropolitan offers bus service in San Antonio. Please visit their website at www.viainfo.net for route and schedule information. If you are staying in a downtown hotel, you may also consider asking them for shuttle service to and from the venue. Do not leave your vehicle parked overnight, the park gates are locked after events and will not open until the next scheduled event. Do not leave valuables or belongings in your vehicle.

For those with GPS navigation capabilities, the physical address is 714 E. Theo Ave. San Antonio, Texas 78210.


Each event organizer reserves the right to charge a spectator/entrance fee at the front door. MCSP does NOT control the price charged or the possible wait in line you may have to enter the building. Please contact your organizer for details on spectator/entrance fees.


Food or Beverages

Both are available at the concessions stand, so you’ll be instructed to throw those items away at the door. Items needed for medical and/or infant care purposes are acceptable. This rule applies to the parking lot and fields. Water and sports drinks contained in squirt bottles/team bottles, may be used by players inside the gym or on the fields. Concessions and vending machines are located both in the gym and at the baseball complex and are available for most events.  Gum is not allowed out on the gym floor. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.


Please do not bring in your own chairs to the gym. No bag chairs or folding chairs.

No Tailgating

Please do not set up “camp” with your team on the property for snacks and meals. No tents or pop up canopies. No eating out of your vehicle. You will be asked to pack up or leave.

Smoking/Tobacco Products

Smoking and the use of any tobacco product electronic cigarettes included – is not allowed on MCSP property.


Pets are not allowed on the property with the exception of service animals assisting a person with a disability.

Profanity, Weapons

Profanity is not tolerated nor is fighting. You will be asked to leave without exception. Proper behavior is required at all times on the MCSP property. No weapons may enter the property. All containers, including handbags and purses will be subject to visual inspection. Guests who refuse to allow visual inspections of contents will be denied entry into the building.


Please report all injuries to MCSP staff. An athletic trainer from the Baptist Heath System is typically present during events to access injuries and treat or call EMS as needed. Ice will be provided as necessary if the trainer is not available.